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How to Spice Up Your Relationship Erotically

Posted on August 18 2017


If your love life feels like it’s lacking that extra little spark one or maybe you just want have some fun with your partner, then here are a few key tips to help you spice things up in an erotic manner.

Wear Sexy Lingerie

First and foremost, one of the best ways to leave your lover unable to divert their eyes from you is to grab yourself a couple pairs of sexy lingerie. No matter what size you are, everyone can look sexy in the right lingerie. By dressing to impress in the bedroom, it will allow yourself to feel sexier for a start, which can allure your partner into seduction even easier.

There are a large range of risqué undergarments for women, from typical underwear to garters, to draw focus towards your legs or a corset to make your bosom pop. However, this doesn’t mean you can’t dress to impress in the bedroom as a man, these days guys can also stock up on sexy clothing. But if you’re uncertain what to buy, always ask your sexual partner what they’d like to see you wear before romping around.

Vary your sexy sensual wardrobe selection of lingerie with leather, lace, feathers, and silk. By mixing it up you can ensure you and your partner will be erotically stimulated as you seduce your partner in style while anticipating all the dirty deeds still to come.

belle lucia in black lingerie


Role play With Your Partner

Acting out fantasies appeals and excites a number of people. However, always be sure your partner is on board with it and plan out a scenario in advance so you can both fully create your character and enjoy the sexual moment of pounding each other all the more.

Purchasing a matching sexy outfit to your character is highly recommended as well, as an important part of role play is altering your appearance for your partner. By enticing them with a sexy outfit and acting out a character, it can really turn your partner on.

There are loads of options to choose from as well, from naughty nurse and doctor, to a policeman and thief, or something even wilder, make sure both of you are on the same page, but don’t be afraid to explore your erotic desires.


Erotic Games To Try

Another way to get things heating up in the bedroom is to try out a variety of sexy and erotic board and card games. There’s a lot out there, each one filled with fun to help you explore your partner’s body in ways you may not have considered previously. This allows you to feel each other on a whole new level and really get each other excited, while pleasing one another.


Adult Toys For You & Your Partner

If games aren’t for you, there are other options. After you’ve set the mood with the right outfit or setting why not try something a little different to your normal sexy routine. A toy or two can really get things steamy in the bedroom. Please your partner with a variety of options, there’s always something new to try out on your significant other.

Dildos are a great way to get started exploring the toy selection, they’re simple, fun and very pleasing to use. Combine it with a sleeve kit for extra pleasure in the bedroom, or even grab yourself a vibrating toy, doesn’t have to necessarily be a dildo, but it can really arouse you and your partner. For males there’s also the option of cock rings to choose from, to really give your partner that bonus satisfaction.

couple using erotic swing harness

Lastly don’t be afraid to trial new toys or techniques on a regular basis or grab a few new outfits and sexy lingerie to impress your partner; they can really give that bonus stimulating satisfaction to any sexual situation.


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