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Who is getting naughty this valentines day?

Posted on January 20 2018

Cheeky ideas for Valentines Day

Who said Valentine's day is all romance and no fun?

After a lovely evening out on a date with your special someone, there is so much you can do under the sheets, and not just the same boring stuff you do any other time. This night sets for some unstoppable passionate fire to burn your most wicked desires.


From soft to rough!

In case you have always craved a secret fetish for rougher things to do in bed, but never dared to use toys and other tools, then you should definitely start with a soft approach. Vibrators are excellent in this case. The stimulus is so good you will never want it to stop. Cock rings and beads are also a very good way to start approaching new sexual experiences, and the good thing is that all these instruments bring greater pleasure to both male and female partners.

The best part in getting a little kinky is that there is no limit to what you can do. Use your fantasy and explore new horizons with your partner and you will both reach new heights of pleasure. Start with the Adam and Eve Complete Couple's Kit, so you can venture new thrilling territories of erotism, and still make it the perfect, tender Valentine's Day you wished for. 


Use different toys with different sizes to keep their heart pounding

girl moaning

Otherwise, if you are ready for a little more perverted type of fun, then you can get to the next level. Your partner may need bigger sizes to fulfil his or her pleasure, and for that there is a very wide range of dongs to choose from. They can be smooth, larger than possible and even feel so real that they will take to unreal levels of pleasure and make your Valentine's Day absolutely unforgettable.

Frequent fantasies also involve some BDSM fun and just like the Fifhty Shades taught us, there is no romance without a little spanking.

This Valentine's Day do not hold back. Get freaky, get free and go beyond your limits to explore the exciting world of bondage and all its devious applications.

Simple handcuffs and whips are good enough for beginners and it can slowly initiate you and your partner at your own pace. Always remember that it is not about the pain, but it's all about the pleasure that comes from it. Just get lost in it with the Mean Couple Romance Kit, including metal handcuffs, feather tickler, blindfold and vibrating bullet: everything you need for a long night of pleasure and pain.


Forever alone? Well you won't be this Valentines Day!

What about the lonely hearts who are so in love with themselves that they can't find anyone good enough. On Valentines' Day even singles have a right to celebrate properly and there are many ways they can do it.

For boys there is a long list of toys that can help. Small size recreations of vaginas and ass alike will give you the warm sensation of actual penetration. Some are so realistic and detailed you can easily confuse them for actual pussy or butt.

Have you ever wished to have adult star Farrah Abraham all for yourself? Well, this Valentine's Day you can. The Full-on Farrah Vibrating hand painted pussy and ass kit will surely be the perfect gift for yourself.

If you prefer harder toys though, then the range is even wider. Dildos, vibrators, plugs and more are always an incredible alternative for some alone time.

You might think girls would have the same options as above, but there are actually more creative ways for single women to pleasure themselves, just listen to any Nicki Minaj song.

This valentine's day try among the many different shapes that have been designed to guarantee clitoral stimulation in every inch of the sex for unlimited pleasure. Butterflies, bunny tails, flowers. You choose!

The materials are also crucial. The soft touch of skin-like dildos gives you the comfort of feeling like actual male genital, but the smooth surface of silicone caresses your skin and gives a total different type of thrill that goes beyond anything you have ever felt before.

So whether you are paired or by yourself, don't miss the chance to give this Valentine's Day a little more spice and find out that there is a whole different type of love yet to be celebrated.


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