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Pleasure Candles

Light up your love life with Purely Adults incredible range of sensual candles.

Including ‘Fashionitas Pleasure/Pain ‘ and ‘Make Me Melts’ drip candles to give yourself or your partner that great hot wax sensation on their skin, perfect for BDSM. For those not quite into the drip there’s also massage candles available. Some with a slight scent to seduce your partner as the subtle fragrance excites their senses for the pleasures that lie ahead. Set the mood dependent on your preferences and try how the different scents work for you with a range of scents from ‘LELO’ including: ‘Black Pepper & Pomegranate’ that gives a fresh and fruity smell, ‘Snow Pear & Cedarwood’ to set yourself adrift with a crisp smell of a breeze off the sea, and ‘Vanilla & Crème de Cacao Rich’ for that creamy and silky smooth intoxicating sweet smell. Purely Adult also includes packages of ‘Monogamy’ massage candles as well, including their coveted intimate, passionate and steamy collections. So don’t be afraid to heat things up in the bedroom.

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