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Fat Boy Checker Plate Sheath 6.5in



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We are thrilled to introduce the new Fat Boy™ line of sheaths, which includes our classic Fat Boy™ Thin and the Fat Boy™ Ultra Fat–formerly known as our super popular Fat Boy Sport–plus two new textured models, the Fat Boy™ Checker Plate and Fat Boy™ Micro Rib.

All are packaged in all new vertical storage packaging.  The two newest models, the Checker Plate and Micro Rib, are both designed and proven to give both partners pleasure.The Checker Plate texture is the most stimulating for the receiver, while the Micro Rib texture provides a more gentle stimulation. Both are available in three size options.

Note: We no longer refer to the Fat Boy™ products as "extenders," but instead use the term "sheaths." And, FYI: We invented this category of sex toys! A Little Fat Boy™ History The Fat Boy™ was the first soft stretchy sheath ever conceived. It was born from the desire to have both partners reach orgasm while using an “Extender”. This innovation started an extender revolution, and the industry has aptly called this new concept “Sheaths.” To this day, 10 years after we first made the first sheath, the Fat Boy line is a best seller and continues to be recognized as one of the best sex toys made. Men’s Health named it one of the best sex toys of 2017! What made this possible, was the development of a remarkably soft, silky and stretchy material we call SilaSkin™. The first TPR/Silicone to ever be used in production, this unmatched and seriously sensuous material has become a building block for many other award-winning products by Perfect Fit.

Our ultra-real feeling cock sheaths are designed to give both partners intense, eye-rolling pleasure. For the receiving partner, the Fat Boy™ adds girth, while for the wearer, with its interior nubs and ribs, it also acts as a stroker. The Fat Boy™ is extremely comfortable, surprisingly easy to get on and off and stays in place thanks to its closed tip and a thick loop that wraps around the base of the scrotum, which gives a pleasurable tug to a man’s balls during penetration or stroking.

The feedback from the tens of thousands of Fat Boy™ customers is consistent: Women are crazy for the orgasm-triggering stimulation from the added girth. Men dig the stroker action with or without a partner. Women also like it over the hand as a manual masturbator. And anal bottoms enjoy the thrill of taking a daringly massive, yet remarkably comfortable cock.

CS-02C-N Fat Boy™ Ultra Fat Sheath 5.5” - Medium

CS-01C-N Fat Boy™ Ultra Fat Sheath 7” - Large

Both add 1" girth.

CS-05C-N Fat Boy Thin Sheath 5” - Medium

CS-03C-N Fat Boy Thin Sheath 6.5” - Large

Both add 0.5" girth.

CS-20C Fat Boy Checker Plate Sheath 5.5” - Medium

CS-21C Fat Boy Checker Plate 6.5” - Large

CS-22C Fat Boy Checker Plate Sheath 7.5” - Extra Large

All add 0.7" girth.

CS-25C Fat Boy Micro Rib Sheath 5.5” - Medium

CS-26C Fat Boy Micro Rib Sheath 6.5” - Large

CS-27C Fat Boy Micro Rib Sheath 7.5” - Extra Large

All add 0.7" girth.

Clean up: Wash thoroughly with mild soap and water.

Safety: This product is not a contraceptive or a substitute for a condom. Safe with water based lubes. This product is not compatible with latex products. Please store separately.