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Adam & Eve

Adam & Eve Ridged Rider


I474 2400

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Clear 22.9 cm Penis Extension Sleeve
Enhance your girth and length without sacrificing sensation with Adam's Ridged Rider! This real-feel penis extension boosts your length up to 7'' (17.8cm) and your girth up to an additional 2'' (5.1cm). A stretchy ball straps keeps the enhancer in place while your partner enjoys the extra size - and the ridged texture. Meanwhile, you'll feel every one of their movements thanks the the soft, sensual material. For best results add a small amount of water-based lubricant to the inside of the sleeve prior to slipping it on, and add some to the outside before sliding into someone else. Once you're done, clean your sleeve with warm soapy water and anti-bacterial toy cleaner. Allow the sleeve to dry fully before storage. Do not store touching other toys, possibly in a toy storage bag. Toy refresher powder can also be used to keep your Ridged Rider in perfect form for next time. - Soft, real-feel penis extension - Provides a total of 7'' (17.8cm) in length - Increases girth up to 2'' (5.1cm) - Stretchy ball strap keeps the extender comfortably in place - Rippled exterior texture for your partner - Squishy, real-feel material transmits every movement to your penis - Waterproof (IPX7) - Use with water-based lubricant Size - Overall length: 9'' (22.9cm) - Girth: 2'' (5.1cm) Material: TPE