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Marriage Equality Australia

Posted on September 19 2017

With the national plebiscite for marriage equality beginning to be sent out, voted upon and counted talk of marriage equality has become a hot topic in Australia. With Australia’s current laws it’s impossible for non-heterosexual couples to get married, this puts all same-sex couples at a disadvantage by not allowing them the same life choices as their heterosexual counterparts. This violation of their fundamental human rights is just plain outrageous as we as a human race should be working together to show love and equality on all aspects of life, including marriage.

Why is the ability to get married just so important? Well here are just a couple reasons why it should be legalised.

Legal Benefits

There are so many benefits that come with being married that heterosexual couples may take for granted. However with the current laws people from the LGBTQ+ community are unable to access any of these rights. To start with when you get married there are the health benefits you can access through your partner, you can get tax breaks, and one of the most important, if you should die your significant other automatically becomes your next of kin.

That simple but extremely important right to be next of kin should something happen to the love of your life is incredibly significant. It’s one of the most important reasons that marriage should be available for anyone no matter what sexual preference, right now not everyone has this and for obvious reasons something needs to change.

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Symbol of Commitment

Marriage equality will allow EVERYONE the chance to express their commitment and adoration for their loved one.  Having a wedding ceremony is a huge step in any couple’s relationship, it’s used for them to show not only each other but their family and friends how much they love and care for each other. While it’s true a big ceremony is not everyone’s cup of tea, the capability to hold a legalised marriage as a choice is an incredibly important step towards a better society.

Acceptance and Respect

Not only will changing the marriage laws allow the LGBTQ+ community the option to legalise and reconfirm their love for each other through marriage, it will also allow them to feel more accepted by society in general. Treating all of humanity equally is incredible important and as such allowing everyone to have the same rights makes everyone feel more welcome in Australia. There is no place in modern society for homophobic laws that make some of the community feel less important than others just because of a sexual preference they were born with. Respecting every individual no matter what differences we hold should be essential regarding any and all of Australia’s laws.

Why oppose it?

There are many people that try to oppose marriage equality; At the end of the day everyone is entitled to their own opinion however me must all understand to express ourselves in a civil manner and respect one another! Australia is the luckiest country in the world and we must continue to uphold that!

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