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Ideas of Intimacy in Summer

Posted on March 23 2018

The best ways to be intimate during the hot summer

We all count down the days until our next vacation and with spring approaching we can start forgetting about the cold December days and get ready for our next adventure. Summer is finally coming!

Along with sun bathing, long walks on white sandy beaches and some mind-free vacation time, the high temperatures of the sweet summertime usually brings out the passion we hid underneath too many layers of clothes.

Summer is definitely the time to give in to your deepest desires and let go of inhibitions for some intimate time with your partner during the hottest time of the year.


We are not talking about one of the best cocktails you can sip while watching the sunset. Instead, this is one of those practices that makes summer such a magical time to spend with a special someone. 

Find a quiet BnB or a small cosy house by the coast from which you can hear the ocean waves as the pleasure takes over. Float with it and enjoy every second! 

Turn off the lights and set the mood with some love candles or maybe just let the moon and the stars illuminate the room and create the perfect atmosphere. 

lelo love candle

Feel the fresh breeze of the sea caressing your skin as the heat of your partner’s body is pulling against yours. The burning desire, the soft sound of the water touching the sand and the pleasure of your partner being one with you, all come together to deliver the incredible sensation to be completely free.



If there's one thing that will make you feel better through the sweat, the heat waves and the torrid draughts of summer, is to drop off all your clothes and enjoy some intimate time while feeling wild. 

It can be a lazy afternoon on the bed or a day at a secret spot by the beach, being intimate simply means to be able to be yourself with your partner and totally strip down. 

Obviously, being naked all the time also leads to more sex time. You won't be able to keep your hands off each other, letting go of all the daily stress along with those heavy clothes you must wear every day of the year.




After enjoying the fresh air from the ocean, walked naked all day in the apartment you rented for your romantic summer getaway, you should come up with exciting fresh ideas to cool down your burning desires. Literally cool it down. Take your partner to bed, have him or she lying naked on the back. Pick up an ice cube and start running it through their spine going down, then up and down again until... well, you got the idea.Fun games ahead! 

Playing with ice and other fresh things (maybe even fruit) during the hottest days will not only make you feel relieved, it will also bring much more enjoyment than you ever expected. 

love heart ice cubes


Wasn't Andy Warhol the one who said that "two is a party and three is a crowd". Well, not quite Andy. When it comes to new sexy experiences, sometime three can be the perfect number. And what better time to try new things like the light-minded days of summer? 

Just like a good dive in the ocean, don't give it too much thought. Close your eyes and jump.

Decide with your partner who you think would be best: a man, a woman, a stranger or a friend and make sure they would like to get on board with it. The rest will come naturally, discovering someone else together as well as finding out new things about each other. 

It is true that in some cases having a threesome might be a symptom of an unhealthy relationship, but sometimes having a third person helping to take off the pressure of a long lasting love or else, can be very helpful to a couple, and exploring new territories together can actually help making a stronger bond and discover a new level of intimacy with your partner.


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