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Fleshjack Pink Bottom Speed Bump Anal Sex Imitator



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magine lying back on your bed and feeling hundreds of soft nubby massaging beads work their magic over a stiff, protruding part of your body. Maybe your partner will force your more prominent part up inside its super tight canal. Grab the Fleshlight with its patented Superskin because those titillating speed bumps "hurt so good" you won't want to stop until it's too late.

Close your eyes as you squeeze your way up its long 10 inch collar. The custom designed features make you feel every bump on the Fleshlight road. Tell her the bumps are there for traction; it's a safety feature because road surfaces get slippery when wet!

Regardless of who provides the back and forth rhythm, the sensations of the Bottom Speed Bump against your most sensitive areas will leave you swearing you'll never keep this toy more than an arms length away from you at night ever again. Next time the lights go out, will you grab a flashlight or your Fleshlight with the Pink Bottom Speed Bump!

Key Features:

• Made from patented SuperSkin material.
• Realistic anal stimulation.
• Hygienic and phthalate-free.
• Easy regulation of tightness.
• Can be used in the shower.